Extricating Yahapalanaya

Kshama Ranawana
A new year brings with it the promise of change.  Resolutions are made and often broken, even before the first month of the year comes to an end. The Yahapalanaya government came in on the promise of change.  This month, sees its third year in government and there is disillusionment all around. There was an air of expectation that January 2015. We were throwing out a regime that destroyed the core values of our society; arrogance, thuggery, nepotism and might is right was the order ...Continued

Higher Education – A Public Good or a Tradable Commodity?

Prof. Susirith Mendis
I agree, this has now become an oft heard cliché. And indeed, quite a relevant one in the current polemical debate and ensuing street protest and violence on the establishment of a private medical education institute in Sri Lanka – the SAITM. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall and the advent of a unipolar world under the hegemony of the USA; and the consequent grandiloquent pronouncement of Francis Fukuyama in 1992 that “The End of History and the Last ...Continued

An Election to Decide the Fate of Reform?

Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
As Sri Lanka approaches the 70th anniversary of its independence, it also approaches elections, albeit local government elections and no less significant for being so. Long delayed – in some cases for 3 years – these elections will be the first under the National Unity Government and the independent election Commission set up under the 19th Amendment.  The election will invariably be perceived as a referendum on the performance of the National Unity Government and a harbinger of things to come – provincial council elections ...Continued

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