Tamil politics heading for stormy weather

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Niranjani Roland
The results of the Local Government elections of February 10th have sent shock waves through the political establishment across the island. While the media concentrated on the panic and confused reactions of the political leaders in the South, little attention has been paid to the equally important message sent out by the Tamil voters to their leaders. Some analysts point out that with this result at the local government election the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) can no longer claim to be the ‘The sole representative ...Continued

Flying in Thin Air

Cover Story
Kshama Ranawana and Aanya Wipulasena
Will 2018 be the year that sees the death of the national carrier, SriLankan Airlines? Or would the airline, which is burdened by massive debts and crippled by management and trade unions that hold opposing views, be able to make itself a viable enterprise once more? The US$ 740 million debt ridden airline has been struggling to stay airborne these past several years and its future is hanging by the thinnest of threads. In late December, in an attempt to resuscitate the airline, Cabinet approved ...Continued

CEJ Goes to Court Over the Mt. Lavinia Beach Nourishment...

Cover Story
Kshama Ranawana
The Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) has filed a case in the Court of Appeal against the Mt. Lavinia Beach Nourishment project (CA/WRT/128/2020). The case filed on June 19th  this year is against the Coast Conservation Department (CCD), the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), the Minister of Environment and the Attorney General regarding “beach pollution and the failed sand filling of the Mount Lavinia beach without following due procedure,’ according to a  media notice on the CEJ’s website. The CEJ ...Continued

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