Volume 1 - Issue 6



SL economy in doldrums amidst political chaos

Prof. Sirimevan Colombage
While the Sri Lankan economy is on a downward path, the coalition government is struggling for its survival, and the economy is not on its radar. The political front is in chaos. Conflicts within and among the ruling political parties have escalated since the local government elections held early this year. The government managed to win the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe but not without much effort. Some Ministers have resigned from their portfolios over the no-faith motion. Meanwhile, the President has prorogued ...Continued

At the Dehiwala Zoo, There’s a need for better animal...

Risidra Mendis
The National Zoological Gardens is amongst the oldest in the Asian region and is 82 years old.  Initially set up by John Hagenback as a transitory home for captured wild animals, waiting to be transported to Zoos in Europe, it became the property of the government of then Ceylon in 1936. The Dehiwala Zoo, as it is commonly known occupied 11 acres of land at the beginning and on becoming a government owned entity functioned as a place of entertainment for the public who were ...Continued

Corporate Corruption: The Other Side of the Coin

Prof. Susirith Mendis
I mentioned in a previous article on integrity in public life that “the low ebb of integrity and corruption in the corporate world needs another telling”. So here it is. I saw the growing tree of corruption spreading its canopy that covered all the undergrowth of development and underdevelopment – the politicians, the professionals the state officers who were on the take. And little grew underneath. Never did I think of the roots below surface; it was always the ‘bribe taker’ and not the ‘bribe ...Continued