Volume 1 - Issue 22



Catches Win Matches

Remember Clive Lloyd’s epic words moments after West Indies won the inaugural ICC Cricket World Cup at Lord’s?  The memorable quote, ‘Catches win matches’, remains true even more than 40 years after the West Indian legend first uttered it. If you need to check the validity of Lloyd’s pearls of wisdom, you only have to recall the way how England pounced on half-chances pulling off some sensational catches during the bilateral series against Sri Lanka. Head Coach Chandika Hathurusingha admitted that fielding was the big ...Continued

Sri Lanka On The Brink Of An Economic Dictatorship

Muttukrishna Sarvananthan
Whilst there may be certain elements of ambiguity about the Constitutional authority of the Chief Executive (aka the President) of the country on the dismissal and appointment of a Prime Minister or the dissolution of the Parliament, on the critical issue of public finances there is no such ambiguity. It is crystal clear in the Constitution that the Legislature / Parliament is the SOLE custodian and authority of the public finances in Sri Lanka, and indeed in any democratic country. The Parliament has the sole ...Continued

There’s More Than Meets The Eye In The Chinese Consulate...

The taking of life under any circumstances and for whatever reason cannot be condoned but  one could be accused of being simple-minded if the recent ‘terror’ attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi which claimed some four lives is seen as having only security implications. It has security dimensions and more and what is called for is far more than a superficial examination of the event that has triggered concern region-wide. It is reported that a Balochistan-based militant group is behind the attack and it ...Continued

Sri Lanka On The Verge Of A Foreign Exchange Crisis

Prof. Sirimevan Colombage
The political turmoil triggered in Sri Lanka following the abrupt replacement of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet by the President a month ago has given rise to a constitutional crisis harming an already battered economy. Even before the political catastrophe, the economy was in bad shape on all fronts. The economic growth slowed down to a mere 3.5 percent a year. The budget deficit was high at 5.5 percent of the GDP. The worst has been the foreign exchange situation impaired by rising imports, ...Continued

It’s Time To Root Out This Rotten Political Culture

Kshama Ranawana
When President Maithripala Sirisena slapped democracy on its face, surreptitiously appointing  a Prime Minister while unceremoniously removing the other, and followed that action by proroguing and then dissolving Parliament, he did Sri Lanka one great favour. A usually apathetic population was jolted out of its complacency.  This time around it was not just another murder or abduction of political opponents, journalists, or robbing the country blind.  It was not about appointing one’s kith and kin to plum positions or parceling out prime forest land, or ...Continued

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