Volume 2 - Issue 5



Untold Stories Of The Lahore Attack

Spectator (08/03/2019)
March 3rd marked the tenth anniversary of heavily armed gunmen opening fire on a bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore, Pakistan. Several policemen were killed in the attack, which left quite a few other law enforcement officers and members of some of the Sri Lankan squad and support staff injured. Two civilians were also seriously injured. What happened that day has been well documented but there are still untold stories. Suranga Lakmal, the lionhearted fast bowler, who has become Sri Lanka’s leading seamer was on ...Continued

It’s Time To Be The Change!

Kshama Ranawana (08/03/2019)
That only 4% of 90% women who answered yes to a survey question whether they had been sexually harassed on public transport, had the courage to seek help from the police, is a serious indictment on Sri Lankan society and the police service itself. Whether the 4% who sought help were successful in getting justice, the survey does not say. However, given the general lackadaisical attitude of both officials and the public to the issue of sexual harassment, one could safely guess that in most ...Continued

Regulation Necessary To Mitigate Negatives And Enhance Positives

HGS Prematunge (08/03/2019)
(Second installment in a series of articles) Shadow education, supplementary education, or whatever the moniker one may use, private tuition has become a necessary evil, ironically even in countries that have a well-established free education systems. When the majority of students attend private tuition classes, those who do not do so are at a direct disadvantage. Supplementary tuition has become a way of life in many Asian countries. As discussed in the previous article in this series, private tuition encourages social inequality. Regulating shadow education ...Continued

Buddhism, Sustainability And Sri Lanka

Srilal Miththapala (08/03/2019)
Today, sustainability is fast becoming a very relevant and essential aspect of our lives. This has come about as a response to the high degree of consumerism that prevails in the modern world, and the resultant use of fast depleting natural resources, giving rise to global warming and climate change. In quest of sustainability, the competitive business landscape is already starting to transform, forcing companies to change the way they think about products, technologies, processes, and business models. Sustainable growth and development requires a harmony ...Continued

Fresh Indo-Pakistan Hostilities Underscore South’s Leadership Deficit

Dissector (08/03/2019)
The latest round of Indo-Pakistan hostilities draws attention to South Asia’s security vulnerabilities and the global South’s yawning political leadership deficit. The former aspect is plain to see because the South Asian region continues to be considerably dependent on a degree of harmony and good will between India and Pakistan, for the sustainability of its collective security. That is, instability in the Indo-Pakistan relationship has a knock-on effect on South Asia’s security. If this were not so,  SAARC would not be in a near moribund ...Continued