Let’s go Fly a Kite

Come August, and our skies will be decorated with kites of all shapes and sizes.
A favourite pastime of the young, the August school break gives them ample time to indulge in this time honoured activity.

The kites come in all shapes, sizes and colours and kite flying often becomes a neighbourhood competition.

But of late, Kite flying has become an international competition, held in Colombo annually.

Indeed, one needs to not only know the art of flying a kite, but also how to build one, ensuring it has the right balance.

 While any place is as good as any in Sri Lanka for kite flying, the Galle Face Green in Colombo has, for decades been a popular venue .

This year, the annual competition was held on August 19,and competitors are seen here holding onto to their big kites and readying for the contest.

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