MR Shows Off His People Power

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has achieved what no other politician in recent history has managed.  Adoration of his supporters. “Janabalaya Kolombata" by most accounts was the biggest anti- government demonstration ever seen and what was obvious is that each one of the protestors was there to support MR.

There were bigger crowds as a percentage of the population at four time Prime Minister, Dudley Seanayake’s’ funeral in 1973 and at the funeral of assassinated DUNF leader Lalith Athulathmudali  two decades later. The crowds on Wednesday were much smaller than even the Joint Opposition May day Rally at Galle Face Green in May this year.

The police estimated the crowd at close to 50,000. If that is correct, then it is by far the biggest crowd seen at an opposition protest. The organisational capabilities of the ‘Joint Opposition’ was on display when they managed to occupy Lake House roundabout till midnight. Another first in the country.

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