In a draft report based on the special inquiry into the T20 World 2022 tournament played in Australia from October 9 to November 13, the Auditor General said that Sri Lanka Cricket chairman Shammi Silva spent more than Rs 11 million on the visit, while Secretary Mohan Silva spent Rs 5.4 million.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Executive Committee granted permission for all of its members to witness the T20 World Cup tournament in Australia last year, and all of their associated costs, including transport and lodging for ten days, were borne by the institution, the report said.

In addition, two staffers of the SLC have also been granted permission to watch the match by the Secretary of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, subject to the approval of the Sports Minister.

The report says that the SLC has issued letters to the Australian High Commissioner in Colombo to secure visas for 35 people who have no connection with Sri Lanka Cricket. The report has disclosed that the Letters have been issued to the Australian High Commission on behalf of 14 persons, including the wife, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and friends of SLC chairman Shammi Silva.

The report highlighted that letters have been sent on behalf of 10 friends of Sri Lanka Cricket Vice Chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa to secure an Australian visa.

The report found that four people, including Sri Lanka cricket medical advisory committee chairman Professor Arjuna De Sila and coach Timothy Maccasil, had not obtained approval from the Ministry to leave for Australia.

Among those who had been issued letters to secure visas for Australia, a person named Sanjeewa Nishantha Perera has not returned to the country at the time when the audit report is being finalised, the Auditor General’s report said.

However, this person in question, who is employed at the Colombo Municipal Council as a coach, had obtained leave from the CMC, citing that he was leaving for Australia on a personal tour.

Six media institutions, including three in the print media, have sought sponsorship from the SLC. However, the request made by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and the Independent Television Network has not been considered, the report adds.

The SLC executive committee, at its meeting held on September 23, 2022, granted permission to sponsor only four journalists for the coverage of the tournament, and each journalist has been approved a per diem of US$ 1500 in addition to the free air tickets.

The report noted that the SLC has failed to reach an agreement with the journalists on the SLC’s expectations.

The report added that SLC Vice President Jayantha Dharmadasa had spent more than Rs. 5.1 million. Vice President Raveen Wickramaratne spent more than Rs. 4.7 million. Treasurer Lasantha Wickramasinghe spent more than 4.8 million rupees. Assistant Treasurer Sujeeva Godaliyadda has more than 4.7 million rupees. Krishantha Kapuwatta, Assistant Secretary, received more than 3.6 million rupees. Janaka Pathirana, an executive committee member, received more than four million rupees. Thilak Vattuhewa, an executive committee member, has spent more than 3.9 million rupees. on the tour