British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak offered Israeli President Isaac Herzog his country’s solidarity on Thursday, saying London supported Israel’s right to defend itself while also calling for humanitarian access to Gaza after the attack by Hamas.

The two leaders underlined the need to avoid an escalation of violence in the region, which has seen angry demonstrations in some Middle Eastern countries over an explosion at a hospital in Gaza, which Palestinians blamed on Israel.

Israel denies it carried out the attack, and U.S. President Joe Biden said U.S. evidence supported the Israeli account that it was caused by a failed rocket launch by Palestinian fighters.

“We will stand with you in solidarity with your people and your right to defend yourself, to bring security back to your country, and to ensure the safe return of the hostages that have been taken,” Sunak said in a televised part of the meeting with Herzog.

“Palestinians are victims of what Hamas has done. It’s important that we continue to provide humanitarian access.”

At least seven British nationals have been killed and at least nine are still missing since the attack on Israel, Sunak’s spokesperson said on Wednesday.