Director General of Archaeology Professor Anura Manatunga has tendered his resignation after he had a disagreement with the President over archaeology excavations in the Mulativu district.

The Department of Archaeology had demarcated a land extent of over two hundred acres, including paddy land, for the excavations connected to the Kurundi Maha Viharaya in Mulaitivu, which was opposed by the Tamil parties.

After an inquiry into the matter, the President directed the Director General of the Department of Archaeology to release the land and paddy land acquired by the department. The DG has said that once he declares an area an archaeologically sensitive area, he is unable to go back on it since the Archaeological Ordinance does not permit him to do so. Then the President told him the order comes from him as the President, and if he is unable to carry out his orders, he could resign, which prompted Professor Anura Mantunga to resign. However, he has not attributed any reason in his letter of resignation other than saying he is resigning due to personal reasons.