In an interview done literally hours after links to episode 2 of the BBC’s two-part documentary series called ‘India: The Modi Question’ became available to people in India, one of the country’s most highly regarded journalists and a former Editor-in-Chief and publisher of The Hindu says episode 2 is “an excellently conceived, excellently produced episode.

It’s got a mix of people arguing both sides … there is nothing exaggerated here … nothing is overstated”. N. Ram believes that this episode holds up a mirror to the Indian people, reflecting the sort of country India is becoming and this is something that the Indian media and, perhaps, Indian news television channels in particular have signally failed to do. Mr. Ram says that unlike the government’s response to episode 1, which they tried to block on YouTube and Twitter, the government should allow episode 2 to be seen freely and widely.Join The Wire’s Youtube Membership and get exclusive content, member-only emojis, live interaction with The Wire’s founders, editors and reporters and much more. Memberships to The Wire Crew start at Rs 89/month.


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