The CID has informed the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court that the report of the five-member expert medical panel that was appointed to perform a fresh post-mortem inquiry into Shafter’s death is still not ready.
The CID told Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya that once the report is ready, they will submit it to Court.
The CID further said the blood samples of Dinesh Schaffer’s mother were insufficient to match the DNA of Dinesh Shafer.
The Additional Magistrate ordered CID to obtain a further sample of blood from the mother of Dinesh Shafter to send to the Government Analyst to match the DNA of Dinesh Shafter.
On a request made by President Counsel Anuja Premaratna, who watched the interest of Dinesh Shafter’s wife, the court made available the mobile phone of Dinesh Shafter to the aggrieved party to update the contents of the WhatsApp app on the phone since the content may otherwise get erased automatically.
The Magistrate ordered the CID to make available the mobile phone of the deceased to the aggrieved party to update the phone in the presence of the Court registrar.
It was further directed by the Magistrate to the Dialogue Mobile Phone Company to submit to the court a six-month retrospect report on Dinesh Shafter’s mobile Phone from the date of his death.
The postmortem inquiry was postponed to July 11, 2023.
The Court has already sent nearly 50 blood samples to the Government Analyst for DNA reports related to Dinesh Shafter’s death.
The body of Dinesh Shafter was exhumed by the five-member expert medical board conducting forensic investigations to decide whether Dinesh Shafter’s death was a suicide or a murder.