Pivithura Hela Urumaya leader and parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila yesterday said that four generations of parliamentarian Gajendra Kumar Ponnambalam’s family live in Colombo without any interference from the Sinhalese people, but Ponnambalam is sowing the seeds of racism in the north.
The Pivithuru Hela Urumya leader emphasised that the freedom given to him by the Sinhalese people in the south should also be given to the Sinhalese people in the north. Gammanpila was addressing the media during a protest campaign held opposite parliamentarian Ponnambalam’s residence at Queen’s Road in Colombo.

The Sinhalese never harassed the Ponnambalams, who have been living in Colombo for more than 100 years. His father, Kumar Ponambalam, and grandfather, GG Ponnambalam, lived in Colombo. His grand-grandfather, Gangasar Ponnambalam, had also lived in Colombo during the latter part of his life, he said.

He said that Parliamentarian Ponnambalam interfered with the Vas Pinkama held at Tissa Viharaya in Jaffna. “He came to Kurundi temple in Mullative and obstructed the religious activities there”, he said.