Member of Parliament Madhura Vithanage said that the government does not get any income from several large-scale businesses conducted online in Sri Lanka, and therefore a system for registering all online businesses in Sri Lanka through one system should be formed expeditiously.

Vithanage mentioned this when the Select Committee of

Parliament to study the practical problems and difficulties that have arisen in relation to enhancing the rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index in Sri Lanka and make its proposals to the Parliament.

The problems that have arisen in the process of business registration and the efficiency of the process were discussed here.

The chairman mentioned that more effective service can be obtained by creating an entrepreneurial mindset in government employees. The importance of regular and fair placement of government employees throughout the island was also discussed.

The chairman also pointed out that, due to some weaknesses in the divisional secretariat system, issues have arisen regarding the efficiency of the services provided. The officials who were present mentioned that it is essential that the officials of the government institutions work in the same way to cover all nine provinces of the country.