Police yesterday commenced an investigation into a Grade 10 student of a leading school in Narammala who had allegedly added weedicide to the drinking water bottles of five female students studying in the same class.

This incident occurred on Monday morning (14) while the students were
participating in the morning assembly.
The police said that the student who added weedicide to the bottles of drinking water belonging to other students studying in the same class had finally added the same weedicide to her own bottle of drinking water as well.
The police also said that she had drunk a few sips of the weedicide-infused water, but the other students had become suspicious of its colour and taste, so they spat out the water. had in their mouths
Subsequent to notifying the teachers about it and checking the security camera footage of the school, it was revealed that this act had been done by the student who did not attend the assembly in the morning but had remained in the class.
The police said further that when the school Principal had questioned this particular student, she had admitted to having putweedicide into the bottles of water. The Narammala Police said that as a result, school authorities had taken steps to admit this student as well as the five other students to the NarammalaRegional Hospital for treatment.
When the 14-year-old student was questioned regarding this incident, she said that shehad added weedicide to the bottles of water of five students who ignored her and were not on good terms with her.