Colombo : On ‘The GistAmbassador Navtej Sarna, Former India Envoy to Israel, the U.S., and the UK in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

Ambassador Sarna discusses the “immense scale” of Hamas attacks in Israel and the “tremendous pressure the Israeli government and security apparatus is under to recoup its reputation, its image” and the retaliation of “vowed vengeance’. On Iran’s alleged involvement, the former envoy advises “caution rather than being rash in this matter, because once it goes down, it can escalate very fast.” Ambassador Sarna also discusses the complete intel failure with one Ex-Mossad chief saying Israel’s security tactics had collapsed totally, the massive reaction underway, the lessons learnt from the rocket barrage in the thousands, paragliders and breaches through the border, the U.S. response with the USS Gerald Ford Carrier Battle Group being sent to the region, the repercussions for any Saudi-Israel reproachment, IMEC or IMEEC proposed at the G20 Delhi Summit, Iran’s role and Israel’s response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future and the never-ending cycle of violence.