Public Finance Committee chair (Dr.) Harsha de Silva today instructed the Auditor General’s Department to calculate the amount of wheat flour currently available in the country’s warehouses and submit an audit report regarding the issue pertaining to wheat flour within 2 months.

The Parliamentarian was of the view that if there is a price formula for wheat flour as well, there will be no opportunity to decide the prices according to the wishes of individual parties.

This was discussed when the Committee on Public Finance met recently under the chairmanship of Parliamentarian (Dr.) Harsha de Silva.

The members of the committee pointed out that wheat flour is being sold at different prices in shops all over Sri Lanka.

However, according to the prices given by the Ministry of Finance, one kilo of wheat flour can be sold for Rs. 198. The chair emphasised that two price calculations are being used in setting the price of wheat flour, and this should be changed.