JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath reiterated that the manner in which the Easter Sunday attacks were launched and the manner in which they were acted upon clearly demonstrated that it was an incident triggered by greed for power.

Herath added that the real culprits in the Easter Sunday attacks are still at large as investigations into the Easter attacks were not carried out properly.

Colombo Archbishop Malcom Cardinal Ranjith had disclosed various information regarding the attacks on several occasions, stating that the people and the target needed to be investigated. But such an investigation has not taken place yet”, he said.

He added that it was very well understood through the Channel 4 revelations that the extreme ideals of the Saharan group had been used and that attacks were launched through them. Herath said that no criminal cases have been filed against those who have been ordered to pay compensation for their negligence in their duties.

“Former President Gotabaya resigned from his position, and he no longer enjoys absolute immunity”, he said.

Herath was of the view that the incumbent president, in his capacity as Defence Minister, can start fresh investigations into the charges against the former president.