India is planning a massive expansion of green hydrogen production to curb its dependence on energy imports and wean the economy off fossil fuels. According to Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Puri who dubs green hydrogen as the “fuel of the future”, while the government will not shirk its responsibility of acquiring and providing petrol to six crore Indians who fill up at petrol pumps every day, green hydrogen will be a good additional energy source for one of the world’s fast-growing economies. Keeping this in mind, the government recently allocated Rs 19,744 crore towards the National Green Hydrogen Mission which will help create 5 (Million Metric Tonne) of green energy per annum by 2030 ensuring the country not only becomes less dependent on fossil fuels but is also able to meet its climate targets.

Green hydrogen is made by splitting hydrogen and oxygen in water with the help of electrolyzers which is powered by renewable electricity. Puri said that given this need for water, private companies and refineries have already set up green hydrogen facilities along the coast of the country ensuring that India’s ‘Mission Green’ is now all set to become a reality.


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