The ‘INFOTEL Information Technology Exhibition,’ orchestrated by the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), will take place at the Bandaranaike International Conference Hall in Colombo from November 3 to 5. This event aligns with President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s initiative to modernise Sri Lanka through digitization.

The exhibition, themed ‘Fuelling the Digital Economy,’ is being conducted under the guidance of the State Ministry of Technology. A media briefing was held today (April 26) at the Presidential Media Centre, presided over by Minister of State for Technology, Kanaka Herath.

During his address, the Minister of State emphasised the exhibition’s significant role in advancing Sri Lanka’s information and communication technology industry.

Additionally, this exhibition offers a significant opportunity to engage with government policies regarding the digital economy. It aims to enhance and expand network connectivity.

bolster digital infrastructure, fortify digital systems and solutions, and promote cashless transactions and enhance the workforce necessary for advancing the digital economy, as highlighted by the Minister of State.

The Minister of State underscored that developed countries have already digitised their public services, resulting in increased efficiency. Therefore, the ‘INFOTEL Information Technology Exhibition’ is a crucial step towards achieving the government’s goal of establishing a digitise Sri Lanka by 2030. He also expressed gratitude to the Board of Industries for their support.