Issuing driving licences to differently-abled people needs more scrutiny by the advisory council, says the state transport minister.


State Transport Minister Lasantha Agaliyawanna said in Parliament yesterday that the circular issued by the Department of Motor Transport has been temporarily suspended regarding the facilitation of differently abled persons obtaining driver’s licences.
He said that the implementation of the circular has been temporarily suspended until it is again submitted to the Ministry Advisory Committee and that he will take responsibility for it.
The State Minister stated this while replying to a question raised by Gampaha District MP Ajith Manapperuma regarding the suspension of this circular.
He said this is a temporary measure, and if the opposition leader or MP Ajith Manapperuma takes responsibility for this, there will be no problem in this regard.
If the Parliament approves, there is no problem. This work was stopped on the basis of the need to discuss this proposal again with the advisory council.

This suspension is not to ignore or bother disabled people.