Parliament today approved the resolution for the suspension of the Member of Parliament, Ali Sabri Raheem, from parliamentary committees.

The resolution brought by the Leader of the Opposition, Sajith Premadasa, for the suspension of representing the Committees of Parliament by the Member of Parliament, Ali Sabri Raheem, was approved today (22) in Parliament.

Presenting the motion, the opposition leader mentioned that, whereas the illegal act of misconduct committed by MP Ali Sabri Raheem has been referred

to the Committee on Ethics and Privileges of Parliament for an investigation at present, and whereas the involvement of the relevant Member of Parliament in the Committees of Parliament is creating a problematic situation in relation to the conduct of Members of Parliament, the Parliament resolves that Ali Sabri Raheem should not represent the Committees of

Parliament until the said investigation is over.

The resolution brought by the leader of the opposition was approved by parliament after Chief Opposition Whip Lakshman Kiriella seconded it.

The leader of the opposition also said that a fine of only 7.5 million rupees was slapped on the member of Parliament who illegally brought 3.3kg of gold worth 74 million rupees and 41 smartphones worth 4.2 million rupees, but a fine of 70 million rupees was slapped on a Frenchman who brought a stock of gold worth 80 million rupees. Accordingly, he said, an investigation should be

carried out for imposing a lenient fine on the MP.