A group of NASA scientists led by Professor of Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University Sunithi Karunathilake, a senior scientist of Sri Lankan origin, arrived today at Ussangoda Hill in Ambalantota to investigate potential similarities between certain rock formations discovered in Sri Lanka and those found on Mars. They observed the rock layers and obtained samples from them.

Professor Karunathilaka said that rocks similar to those on Mars are located in the part of Usangoda Mountain bordered by the sea.

“Geological conditions similar to those on Mars are believed to be detected in Sri Lanka as well, and the team will conduct studies across several parts of Sri Lanka. Professor of the Geological Department of Peradeniya University Prashasanna Lakshita said that this team came to the area near Usangoda Mountain to carry out an in-depth study based on the results of the investigations conducted in 2018.