Temporary fishing village in the North East coast of Sri Lanka. Fisherpersons set up seasonal fishing villages, migrating around the country as the weather permits to engage in their trade.

The Sri Lanka Navy apprehended eight persons who engaged in illegal fishing practices during a special operation carried out on June 16, 2023, in the sea areas of Mamunai, Veththalakerni, and Jaffna. The operation also led to the seizure of four dinghies and diving gear used for this illegal act.

The Navy carries out regular operations in the coastal and sea areas around the island with a view to preventing illegal fishing practises that threaten the sustainability of fish populations, undermine legitimate fishing industries, and damage marine ecosystems.

As an extension of these efforts, the Naval Deployment Veththalakerni in the Northern Naval Command apprehended eight persons in the morning of June 16 off Mamunai while they were engaging in diving to catch fish without a valid licence. During this operation, the Navy also held four dinghies and diving gear belonging to them.