The Republic day parade 2023 will witness the attendance of common people at an official level, including rickshaw pullers, small grocers and vegetable vendors, thus truly representing the spirit of a Republic nation


The Republic Day parade 2023 will include special official invitees, from rickshaw pullers to vegetable vendors, thus truly representing the spirit of a Republic nation. As per media reports, Shramjeevis (workers who helped build the Central Vista), their families, maintenance workers of Kartavya Path, and other members of the community such as rickshaw pullers, small grocers and vegetable vendors will be seated in front of the main dais during the parade. The theme of this year’s celebrations is the “participation of the common people” in all R-Day events. Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will be the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations on January 26 this year.

Additionally, a 120-member marching contingent from Egypt will also participate in the parade. This is the first Republic Day parade since the venue, previously called Rajpath, was renamed Kartavya Path during the inauguration of the revamped Central Vista Avenue in September 2022. The number of seats for the parade have been reduced to 45,000, with 32,000 of these seats and 10% of the total seats for the Beating Retreat event available for online sale to the public.

There will also be programmes by the Ministries of Tribal Affairs and Defence and showcases of different states’ art forms and food items during Bharat Parv at the Red Fort. The flypast will include 18 helicopters, 8 transporter aircrafts and 23 fighters.


Central government’s push to boost common people’s representation at the national level

For the past few years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government has put a special emphasis on maximising the common man’s representation in governmental ceremonies and programmes. Even in last year’s Republic Day parade, autorickshaw drivers, construction workers, sanitation workers and frontline workers were extended invitations to attend the national grand event.


The concept of people’s Padma also gained prominence last year as the list of Padma awardees featured low-key achievers, suggested by common people to the Padma Awards Committee. Last year’s winners included folk artists, social workers, musicians, sportspersons, people in social service and others.


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