JVP Politburo member Sunil Handunetti says that parliamentarians who voted for the DDR (domestic debt restructuring) programme in Parliament yesterday should apologise to the entire working class for the damage caused to the EPF.

He says the Central Bank Governor and the Finance Minister have misled the Cabinet and Parliament by tacitly obtaining their greenlight to loot the EPF.

He said that the government’s cronies, the primary dealers, and private bondholders have been exempted from the process while tactfully looting the EPF of the innocent working masses.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo, Handunetti says the EPF invested in Treasury Bonds is paid a 12 per cent interest rate till 2025, and from 2026 to 2038, only a 9 percent fixed interest is paid as per the DDR process.

He said MPs who voted to introduce the DDR programme should apologise to the working class, who had voted them to office, for the damage caused to the EPF.