A combined search operation mounted by the Navy, Police, and Police STF led to the seizure of a cab used to smuggle drugs. The naval and STF personnel also held five suspects, a motorcycle (01), and Rs. 15 million during this operation.

During this operation, security personnel conducted a search of a roadside cab based on suspicion. The vehicle was apprehended due to the presence of a specific compartment that is believed to have been designed for drug smuggling. Additionally, the collaborating efforts of the Navy, Police, and Police Special Task Force resulted in the apprehension of three individuals who are under suspicion of being involved in drug trafficking.

Based on the information divulged by those suspects, a separate search was carried out in the Urumpirai and Madagal areas on August 30. The operation led to the apprehension of two more suspects in connection with drug smuggling, one motorcycle, and Rs. 15 million.

The suspects held in these operations are residents of the Madagal, Urumpirai, and Uwa Kudaoya areas, ranging in age from 22 to 53 years. The suspects, along with the vehicles and money, were handed over to the Kopai Police, Jaffna, for onward legal action.