President Ranil Wickremesinghe announced the development of a novel approach aimed at
optimising the operations of the local council, provincial council, and central government
sectors, all geared towards curbing financial inefficiencies.
The President directed officials to devise this new mechanism, placing a distinct emphasis on the efficacy of these three entities.
Furthermore, President Wickremesinghe instructed officials to collaborate with provincial governors and chief secretaries in order to draft a comprehensive report on this matter within a month.
These consultations are intended to ensure a well-rounded perspective before formulating the new approach.
These assertions were made during a recent meeting at the Presidential Secretariat, where
President Wickremesinghe engaged with provincial governors and chief secretaries.
The purpose of this assembly, held yesterday afternoon, was to deliberate on the
administrative procedures associated with the provincial council system.
Expressing his views further, the President said that the government’s focus needs to be on how toprogress in this direction while also considering the administrative structure of the central
In certain instances, identical services are delivered by the three different tiers of administration: the local council, the provincial council, and the central government. Take, for instance, tasks like drain maintenance, electric pole installation, and road construction, he said.