President Ranil Wickremesinghe has emphasised the critical need for a comprehensive review of the country’s national security strategy. This review will encompass a broad range of factors, including emerging economic trends and the impacts of climate change.

To facilitate this review, a specialised team has been appointed. The team’s mandate is to thoroughly assess the nation’s security landscape and propose modern security policies for the National Security Council.

During his address at the Presidential Colours Awarding Ceremony at the Navy Volunteer Force Advance Naval Training Centre in Boossa yesterday (18), President Ranil Wickremesinghe articulated the forthcoming evaluation of the nation’s overarching national security strategy.

He underscored that this comprehensive review would encompass a broad spectrum of factors, including emerging economic paradigms and the implications of climate change.

Highlighting the gravity of the matter, President Wickremesinghe revealed the appointment of a dedicated team, led by Major General Channa Gunathilaka (Rtd), to spearhead this endeavour. Once the team submits its findings, the President affirms his commitment to subsequently formulate contemporary security policies under the purview of the National Security Council.

The President made these observations during an event held yesterday (18) at the Boossa Advanced Naval Training Centre, where the Presidential Colours were conferred upon the Volunteer Force of the Sri Lanka Navy.