President Ranil Wickremesinghe urged officials to accelerate efforts towards the target of attracting 5 million tourists annually to Sri Lanka.

This directive was issued during a meeting at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (16), where he engaged with a committee responsible for assessing the progress of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry enhancement program and proposing measures to establish the country as a prominent tourist destination.

During the discussion, comprehensive plans spanning short, medium, and long terms were thoroughly deliberated upon to enhance Sri Lanka’s appeal and comfort for tourists. President Wickremesinghe inquired about ongoing efforts and the role of the private sector in promoting the nation’s tourism industry.

Officials briefed the President on current initiatives and emerging trends.

According to the recommendations set forth by the committee tasked with establishing Sri Lanka as a leading tourist destination, the Ministry of Tourism and its affiliated bodies are formulating a strategic plan for up to 2025. Remarkably, the authorities have fulfilled 95% of this plan.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe also directed officials to identify a suitable location, with the private sector setting up a high-class hotel school in Sri Lanka.


He has also asked the authorities to enhance lodging options for tourists visiting Sri Lanka. The President issued additional directives to the Officials tasked with investigating and compiling a report on currently unused buildings and historic bungalows.