The mother of alleged drug trafficker Sanjeewa Kumara Samaratne, alias Ganemulle Sanjeewa, filed a writ petition in the Court of Appeal today seeking an order directing police to take necessary measures to safeguard the life of her son while being detained under the custody of state authorities.

The petitioner, Elannona Mendis, the mother of Ganemulle Sanjeewa, filed this petition, naming the OIC of Police Station Weeragula and several others as respondents.

The petitioner said there were a number of media reports describing how a number of suspects have been killed by the authorities under the pretense of a struggle that ensued when attempting to recover weapons. The petitioner stated that several individuals, including Kosgoda Tharaka, were assassinated while in police custody or even after they were released on bail.

Ganemulle Sanjeewa was arrested on September 13 at Katunayake International Airport after his arrival from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is said to have attempted to flee the airport using a false passport.