Moscow, Tuesday Russian President Vladimir Putin has given three options to people hired by the Russian mercenary company Wagner. Meanwhile, Wagner’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, emphasised that his forces had no intention of overthrowing Putin.


The choice for Wagner employees was announced by Putin on Monday (6/26/2023) evening in Moscow time. “Today you have the opportunity to continue serving Russia by registering with the Ministry of Defence or other law enforcement agencies and returning to your family and friends. Anyone who wants can also go to Belarus,” he said.


“Not only providing options, Putin also praised the field commanders and Wagner soldiers. Putin said they had been deceived by certain parties.”


“The majority of soldiers and Wagner commanders are Russian patriots, serving their country and nation. They have proven their bravery on the battlefield,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Russian parliament has begun preparing a series of draught laws to address Wagner and similar companies. Prior to the incident last week, the Duma and Russian government had already passed various regulations that favoured Wagner.