1. President Vladimir Putin has blamed Ukraine for a “senseless” and “cruel” attack on the Crimea bridge, which links the occupied peninsula to Russia
  2. He vows to respond to what he calls a “terrorist” act early on Monday morning, in which two people were killed
  3. Russia earlier claimed the attack involved the “direct participation” of American and British intelligence and politicians
  4. Kyiv has not officially said it was responsible but a source in Ukraine’s security service tells BBC Russian it was behind the attack
  5. Meanwhile, the UN chief says Russia’s decision to exit a grain deal with Ukraine will “strike a blow to people in need everywhere”
  6. Antonio Guterres says he “deeply regrets” Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea grain export deal, which expires tonight
  7. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says Kyiv is prepared to continue the deal even without Russia’s participation