A decade and a half has passed, yet the wounds of one of India’s worst terrorist attacks remain raw and the emotional scars refuse to heal. The 26/11 Mumbai attacks did not just expose holes in the intelligence and security set-ups but showed how all norms of responsible reportage by a section of the media, the broadcast media in particular, were breached and how top government officials and ministers were all too happy to give out sensitive operational details beamed live on national television, thereby striking at the very roots of the efforts by the security forces who were engaged in counter-terror operations. The mayhem unleashed by the terrorists and irresponsible media coverage lasted about three days. In this episode of ‘Simply Nitin’, StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale looks back and recounts the horror as it unfolded. https://stratnewsglobal.com/simply-nitin/remembering-26-11-terrorists-camera-loving-officials-mindless-coverage/