SJB parliamentarian Eran Wickremaratne said today that the looming war in the Middle East will certainly affect the country’s economy, as over 2 million Sri Lankan expatriate workers are working in the region.

“After all, a significant portion of our exports go to this region.

He added that the country will not be able to export tea at a competitive price due to the increase in shipping charges and shipping insurance charges.

The SJB parliamentarian was speaking at a press conference in Colombo today.

“We will have to bear more costs for fuel imports. As a result, the price of goods may increase further due to the increase in bus fares, electricity charges, and transport charges.

Wickremaratne said that it is important for Sri Lanka to take a neutral stand on the Gaza Strip conflict, as neutralism will help the country achieve its goals.

“Sri Lanka should not support any party involved in fighting in the Gaza Strip and ensure that the adverse effects on the nation are minimal. Sri Lanka should focus on its own agenda, especially when it comes to the economy,” he said.