A student of a school in Kalawana was caught by the class teacher while selling moonshine to the senior students of the school yesterday.

The child had brought moonshine into the water bottle he used and sold it to senior students.

The guardians of the student were called to the school, and the principal and the teachers gave them a stern warning.

It has been reported that the student had come to school from the care of his mother’s younger sister, as his mother was abroad.

The police said that after this incident, the mother’s sister lodged a complaint, saying that she could not bear the responsibility of the student any longer.

Kalawana Police said that due to her refusal to take custody of the student, yesterday (26) the matter was taken up before the Ratnapura Magistrate’s Court.

The court ordered that the student, who was in the custody of his mother’s younger sister until now, be handed over to his elder brother.