A successor Dornier-228 maritime surveillance aircraft was handed over to Sri Lanka by India.
at a ceremony held at the Sri Lanka Air Force Base in Katunayake.
During the bilateral security discussions that transpired between India and Sri Lanka on
On January 9, 2018, in New Delhi, the potential acquisition of maritime surveillance aircraft akin
to the Dornier type from India was brought to attention. The aim was to bolster Sri Lanka’s
maritime surveillance capabilities
In response to Sri Lanka’s request, the Indian government took proactive measures during
these deliberations. They decided to provide a Dornier-228 maritime surveillance aircraft,
which was part of the Indian Navy’s fleet, to Sri Lanka free of cost for a span of two years.
The formal handover of this aircraft took place at the Sri Lanka Air Force Base in Katunayake.
with Mr. Bagley officiating.
Upon its delivery, the Donier-228 aircraft was instrumental in performing specialised tasks.
within Sri Lanka over the past year. Subsequently, it underwent a mandatory annual
maintenance services in India. In lieu of the aircraft undergoing maintenance, a replacement
A Donier-228 maritime surveillance aircraft was assigned to the Sri Lanka Air Force at a
ceremony held today (16) in Katunayake.
Since its initial arrival in Sri Lanka, the Donier-228 maritime surveillance aircraft has
significantly contributed to numerous operations. These encompass a spectrum of activities.
such as monitoring and safeguarding Sri Lanka’s airspace and exclusive economic zone.
through maritime and coastal surveillance operations, executing search and rescue missions,
and monitoring and controlling maritime pollution.