The Fundamental Rights petition filed by Senior DIG Ajith Rohana challenging his transfer to Easter Province from Southern Province has been dismissed by the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court decided to dismiss the petition taking into account the objections raised by the Attorney General on several grounds.
The Attorney General maintained that the transfer in questioned was not a special one but given to seven other Senior DIGsas well on service requirements.
The Attorney General further contended that the petitioner’s transfer to Eastern Province has been unanimously and duly approved by the National Police Commission on service requirements.
On being satisfied with the facts presented by the Attorney General, Supreme Court three-judge-bench comprising Justices S. Thurairaja, H.M.A.D. Nawaz and Shiran Goonaratne decided to dismiss the petition in limine.
In his petition, DIG Ajith Rohana states that the said transfer order had been made without reasonable grounds. The petitioner is of the view that the said order had been made at the behest of Minister of Public Security, Minister Tiran Alles.
The petitioner further states that there were media reports to the effect that he is being harassed with a view to promoting another Senior DIG.
He sought an order declaring that the recommendation of the IGP contained in a letter dated 25th April 2023 to transfer him as the SDIG for the Eastern Province, is illegal.
Faisz Musthapha PC and Shavindra Fernando PC appeared for the petitioner.