Kurunegala Chief Magistrate and Additional District Judge, Bandhula Gunaratne, found a surgeon who was accused before the court of attempting to inflict injuries on a nurse using a pair of scissors guilty of the charge.

The incident took place in an operating theatre of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital.

The guilty surgeon was released after a severe warning by the magistrate.

Ashoka Wijemanna, who was a former surgeon at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital at the time of the incident and the current surgeon at the Gampaha General Hospital, is the medical specialist in question.

Convicting the accused surgeon, Chief Magistrate Bandula Gunaratne said that surgeons should not perform their duties harbouring anger and rage. Chief Magistrate Bandula Gunaratne also mentioned that competent specialist doctors should perform their duties with the utmost restraint and patience.

After announcing the decision, the magistrate informed the plaintiff nurse that, if necessary, there is provision to file a civil case before the district court seeking compensation from the surgeon.