Parliamentary Secretary General Kushani Rohanadeera said that the media reports circulating that two pillows and a mattress were found in a Parliamentary Committee room are completely false.

She stated that a committee consisting of three senior officials has been appointed to conduct a preliminary investigation into the reports published in the media on July 30, 2023, regarding the Housekeeping Department of Parliament, and an investigation is already underway.

At present, an officer who has been accused of the aforesaid issue has been suspended, and the Parliamentary staff have been given the opportunity to meet the relevant committee members personally or to inform them about the related matters through telephone or e-mail.

Rohanadeera also mentioned that an internal circular has been circulated that Information can be submitted to the Secretary-General and Assistant Secretary General of Parliament in addition to the relevant committee members.

The Secretary-General emphasised that investigations by the relevant committees are being carried out. impartially, and if an allegation against any officer is confirmed, strict action will be taken against anyone responsible.