Children prepare to write an exam paper. The gap in services in schools run by the State is very apparent, not only in rural areas, but in the more developed provinces too.

Education Minister Susil Premjayant says that in the future, a school workbook for three terms will be introduced to the students in three phases, which means one workbook for one school term.

This is expected to reduce the excessive weight of the school bag, and it is also expected to protect the health of children.

In order to change this situation, the minister further stated that starting in 2024, term examinations will be reduced and only one examination per year will be conducted.

If it is possible to do so, the scores will be recorded as computer notes through continuous assessment at the end of each lesson or module and will be added to the exam scores at the end of the year. Initially, this will be considered 70% of the exam score and 30% of the module score, but gradually it will be equal to 50%. The minister said

The Minister also mentioned that there will be no space or need for students to go to extra classes as it is mandatory to come to school, stay, and work in the class every day when this system is implemented.

The Minister said that the parents can also save money spent on extra classes without getting caught in an unnecessary competition and can spend that money on the food and drink needs of the children, and the basic objectives of free education will come to fruition through such a process.

The minister expressed these views while joining as the chief guest at the official insignia ceremony for the prefects of the Hewagama Model Primary School in the Jayawardenepura Education Zone.