Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka Qi Zhenhonghas said in Kandy that Sri Lankan authorities have agreed to a third-party test of samples of the controversial organic fertilizer.

The Envoy met with the Asgiriya Mahanayakeand scheduled to meet with MalwatteMahanayake this morning.

Reports attributed to the  Ambassador said that the matter has been politicized by a few people by publishing fake news.

Sri Lanka plant quarantine services rejected the Chinese fertilizer samples twice as harmful to the soil because of the presence of several microorganisms.

The Chinese ambassador however said that the fertilizer company in question is a large company that supplies fertilizer to many countries in the world.

He also ruled out any diplomatic spat between the two countries since it is a matter between a fertilizer company and the Ministry of Agriculture in Sri Lanka.

The city of Kandy also signed an agreement to be a friendship city of Qingdao.


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