Chinese embassy in Colombo tweeted their vaccines of Coivd used for 60,000 volunteers of 125 nationalist from over ten countries but no severe side effects. China Promotes vaccines to countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. According to Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, has spearheaded the effort, pledging that Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos will be among the “priority” recipients of Chinese vaccines.

International media reported Tian Baoguo, representative of the Ministry of Science and Technology, told that China is leading vaccine development with a total of 13 vaccines in clinical trials. China is expected to produce up to 610 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of this year.

More than 150 coronavirus vaccines are under development in many developing countries and hopes are high to bring one to market in record time to ease the global crisis. The World Health Organization and the several donors also coordinate the fund for global efforts to develop a vaccine immediately.(CPR)


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