The government will soon decide to ban the Burqa, worn by Muslim women.

The burqa is an outer garment used by Muslim women to cover the face and the entire body and worn by a few Muslim women.

Minister of Public security Sarath Weerasekaratold the media today that he had signed the Cabinet paper to ban the Burqa, which he said is a sign of religious extremism.

He said, “we are banning the Burqa on National Security grounds,” besides, the government will also ban 1000 Islamic schools known as Madrasa Schools for allegedly flouting the National education policy.

In 2019 the government banned the Burqa temporarily after a Muslim extremist group attacked a few Catholic and Christian Churches and Tourist Hotels in Colombo.

The government came under pressure exerted by the Buddhist Monks and Nationalist groups to impose a ban on Madrasa schools and the burqa following several attacks carried out by extremist Muslim groups during the formative years

The government decision to cremate corpses of all Covid 19 victims sans discrimination including that of the Muslims, however, reversed lately after international pressure was mounting on the government. The Buddhist clergy opposed moves by the government, to allow burials, though, an expert committee recommended that burials would not harm the environment or the groundwater.


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