History is studded with femme fatales. They will kill for love. In ancient Mesopotamia Ishtar,the oldest known goddess and seductress lovedGilgamesh, a handsome semi divine king who did not love her back.  As the old adage goes hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or in this case spurned by unrequited love.  Ishtar tries to kill Gilgamesh with the help of the Bull of Heaven but he kills the bull which makes Ishtar even more distraught. Femme fatales have been the reason for war. Helen of Troy, who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world, started the Trojan war. Mata Hari, perhaps the most famous femme fatale in history, sealed the fate of 50, 000 French soldiers.  The French convicted and shot her for being a spy for the Germans during World War 1. Femme fatales weave intrigue. What would 007 have been without his stilettoed Bond women who sent palpitations soaring or for that matter what would have been going through JFK’s head when Marilyn Monroe was crooning happy birthday to him. Even the Buddha did not escape the attention of femme fatales. Jathakastories are replete of how the three sirens, Thanha, Rathi and Raaga, tried to seduce the Buddha and throw him off course when he was on the threshold of enlightenment.

But now, more than ever, is the age of the 64 maayam girl. She is leaner and meaner.  She is more the queen of deceit than the damsel of delight. She is more manipulative than munchkin. She is more vicious than vixen. Its time for an update of the maayam manual.

The 64 maayam girl is a bully. Both on and off cyber. She and her cronies will bully anyone who dares to criticize, hounding them to their homes and back.  She will make them grovel for mercy.

The 64 maayam girl will have an empire.  It will be fueled by nothing but positivity, the favouriteword at the top of her lexicon. She will bestow the minions in her empire with positivity andshould they fall on deaf ears, woe be unto those who shun this positivity.  They will be banished to the netherworld of negativity already overcrowded with minions who are being thrown the crumbs of cake which are devouredat the high table of the empire. As for bread, its just a memory. She will try to reform the miserable minions and purge them of their negativity with her preachings of positivity. ‘Alas, they are such hopeless cases’, she moanspatronisingly. ‘Always full of doom and gloom like they are a people without cake, without wine, without a future, without a king. They are not in a sinking ship are they?  

The 64 maayam girl will be the mistress of canards.  She and her cohorts will spin their yarns to make and break a king. Challenge them, and the empire strikes back with a vengeance. The hounder will not want to be hounded.

The 64 maayam girl will shy away from women in two piece swimsuits. Not that she is quintessentially a prude. Instead, she will cower behind her proxy and fire her missiles.

The 64 maayam girl will have a war room fit for an empress to which she will retreat for her war cry. It will resonate to the beat of war drums, heralding the edicts she will dish out to her disobeying minions. They will have the last laugh.

The 64 maayam girl will not tempt karma. She knows that what goes around comes around.

The devil they say gives you everything youwant and so it shall be with the 64 maayam girl who will soon be on her way to meet her nemesis.

Femme fatales have left their indelible mark on history. Long live the 64 maayam girl!


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