Justice Minister Ali Sabry claims Rupees One Billion damages from former Chairman of the Baddegama PS Ananda Lanarolle.

Justice Minister Ali Sabry PC has sent a letter of demand claiming one billion rupees as damages from Baddegama former Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Ananda Lanerolle for allegedly making a statement containing defamatory remarks.

This letter of demand has been sent through Attorney-at-law Sanath Wijewardane urging former Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman to pay the damages within 14 days. It has warned that legal action will be instituted if the money is not paid during this period.

Wijewardane said the accusations made by former Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman against his client are baseless and fabricated and are calculated to defame and tarnish the reputation of his client who is currently engaging in the task of upgrading the country’s justice system while functioning as Minister of Justice.

The letter of demand states that Ananda Lanerolle had made defamatory remarks at a news conference organised by an organisation known as ‘Citizens for Democracy’ held on May 10, 2021.

Wijewardane further said the statement made by former Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman had been aired on television channels and reached thousands of people when it uploaded to the youtube channel. He further said the statement went viral on social media as well.

Wijewardane alleged Ananda Lanerolle had made a statement indicating the fact that an unprecedented incident had occurred in the history of Sri Lanka as Justice Minister Ali Sabry has sent a letter to the Balapitiya High Court Judge requesting to mete out justice or a relief be granted in favour of an accused in a case filed over damaging a house located in Pitigala. Lanerolle has further told that a Justice Minister in Sri Lanka had never sent such a letter to a sitting judge requesting relief.

Wijewardane stated that he has received instructions from his client insisting that his client had never sent such a letter to the High Court Judge and challenge the former PS Chairman to prove his claims if such a letter was sent for the attention of the High Court Judge.


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