Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader Rauff Hakeem made a passionate appeal to the government to immediately allow the burial of Muslim victims of Covid 19 without going ahead with baseless assumptions.

Hakeem was speaking at a demonstration held near the Galle Face Green to coincide with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka.


He said the government had refused a meeting with visiting Prime Minister Imran Khan citing security reasons and questioned as to how Muslim Parliamentarians become a security threat to Prime Minister Imran Khan.” What a puerile and cowardly act. “

They should give a discernable and understandable reason for this reason if they are obstructing Muslim Parliamentarians from meeting a renowned leader such as Imran khan

This government is dragging the country to international disrepute by denying the right of the Muslims to bury their dead who fall victim to the Covid pandemic’

‘We wanted to raise our grievances since this government is pursuing a policy where the minority communities are forced to suffer.

There is a day that this government will have to go home not because of the Muslims but all right-thinking people are rallying round against dictatorial attitudes of the government’

The government had refused Prime Minister Khan to address Parliament and said the government is diplomatically bankrupt.

The Muslims have gathered here forgetting all their differences for a common cause Hakeem emphasized.


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