President of the BASL has urged the Attorney General to take immediate action against the Policemen who assaulted a law student inside the Peliyagoda Police station

Bar Association of Sri Lanka President Kalinga Indatissa had written to the Attorney General stating that the issue pertaining to the assault cannot be concluded with a disciplinary inquiry or an interdiction

The incident involves a Final Year Law student, Migara Gunaratne who was brutally assaulted by officers attached to the SIU of the Peliyagoda Police.” The BASL President said

While stating the action of the police is highly deplorable the BASL President points out that there is an escalation of such incidents in the recent past, and to consider directing the police to file a B Report initially under Section 136 (1) (a) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act of 1979 and cause all responsible officers to be produced before Court for purposes of identification.

The BASL President had also requeste to direct the Police to produce the relevant officers as suspects immediately.


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