AstraZeneca Singapore, the regional representative for the AstraZeneca vaccine, has written to the Chairman of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation of numerous traders offering the vaccine to the government of Sri Lanka.
AstraZeneca has said that if any trader or company offers vaccines other than the AstraZeneca, it is likely to be counterfeit.
The letter further states
“We wish to confirm that AstraZeneca’s current focus is delivering on our substantial global commitments to governments and international health organisations as quickly as possible to help end the pandemic; as such, there is currently no private sector supply, sale or distribution of the vaccine. If a trader or company other than AstraZeneca offers private vaccines, it is likely counterfeit, so should be refused and reported to the relevant authorities.
AstraZeneca would like to clarify that currently only COVAX, UNICEF and Serum Institute of India (SII) are our designated partners to make the vaccine available in Sri Lanka.




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