Tripura Chief Minister Biplap Kumar Deb sparked a news controversy on Saturday when he revealed BJP’s alleged ambition to form governments in neightbouring Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Times of India reported.

He was addressing a gathering during a thanksgiving to the centre for the Budget at Rabindra Shatabarashiki.

Amit Shah who was then BJP’s National President has told us that the party was planning to expand it footprint and expand it rule in Nepal and Sri Lanka the Times said.

Unsurprisingly, Deb’s remarks about international politics caught the Opposition’s eye.

Meanwhile Indian media quoting CPI(M) leader and former parliamentarian Jitendra Chaudhury said the BJP member has no regard for the constitution, democracy, and constructional jurisprudence.

Alleging that Shah was engaged in a “state conspiracy against Nepal,” Chaudhury demanded answers from BJP and PM Modi. The remarks can’t be taken casually as a CM passed them, he argued.

Tapas Dey, Tripura Congress Vice-President, underlined that India stood against imperialism for many years.

“It is unfortunate that the Chief Minister of Tripura is supportive of imperialism. Both Sri Lanka and Nepal are sovereign countries, and we cannot interfere or do anything about their internal affairs,” he said. He also sought action against Deb for his “anti-national statement.”


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